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When: September 12–13, 2017
Where: ICM – Internationales Congress Center München West Entrance, Room 03

Novel Technologies in Oilseed Processing, Edible Oil Refining and Oil Modification

Target audience

Processors, product formulators, chemists and technicians as well as business managers familiar with oils & fats processing, and the production of finished products.

Entire supporting program is in English.

Session 1, September 12, 2017: Oilseed processing

Time Title Speaker
Time 08:50 Title Opening remarks Speaker
Time 09:00 Title Oil seed dehulling Speaker Mr. Dirk Heinrich
Buhler Group, Switzerland
Time 09:30 Title New technological developments in oilseed preparation Speaker Mr. Etienne Le Clef,
DeSmet Ballestra, Belgium
Time 10:00 Title Effect of conditioning on oilseed processing Speaker Mr. Kevin Jobling,
CPM Europa Crown, U.K.
Time 10:30 Title Coffee / Tea Break/visit to oils+fats Trade show
Time 11:00 Title Utilization of waste heat in a typical oilseed
Speaker Ing. Stanislav Pala,
Solex Thermal Science, Canada
Time 11:30 Title Screw press technology for oil extraction Speaker Mr. Rolf Speck,
HF Press + Lipid Tech, Germany
Time 12:00 Title Operation and maintenance of flaking rolls Speaker Mr. Arthur vom Hofe,
CPM Roskamp Champion, Netherlands
Time 12:30 Title Lunch Break / visit to oils+fats Trade show
Time 13:30 Title Optimizing cracking and flaking Speaker Mrs. Urs Keller,
GMT Damman Croes, Germany
Time 14:00 Title Energy generation on a multiseed crushing plant—the MultiFuel steamboiler Speaker Ir. Olivier Buyse,
Vyncke, Belgium

Session 2, September 12, 2017: Oil processing and refining

Time Title Speaker
Time 14:30 Title Application of controlled flow cavitation (CFC) in oil and fats processing Speaker Dr. Peter Reimers,
Arisdyne Systems, U.S.A.
Time 15:00 Title How to select centrifuges for specific applications Speaker Mr. Robert Zeldenrust,
GEA Westfalia Seperator Process, Germany

Session 2, September 13, 2017: Oil processing and refining

Time Title Speaker
Time 09:00 Title Critical issues in seed oils processing Speaker Mr. D V Chame,
DVC Process Technologiests, India
Time 09:30 Title Bleaching basics, optimization, and impact of new requirements in edible oils refining Speaker Mr. Carlos Rodríguez Gaya,
Clariant Iberica, Spain
Time 10:00 Title Innovative bleaching and dry degumming Speaker Dr. Stefan Neufeld,
J. Rettenmaier & Söhne, Germany
Time 10:30 Title Coffe / Tea break / visit to oils+fats Trade show
Time 11:00 Title Filtration of vegetable oils and biodiesel - how to reduce filtration cost Speaker Mr. Reinhard Pudelko,
Filtration Group, Germany
Time 11:30 Title Main considerations to specify the type of deodorizer for you plant Speaker Ir. Jan De Kock,
Desmet Ballestra, Belgium

Session 3, September 13, 2017: Component valorization & process control

Subject to change.
Time Title Speaker
Time 12:00 Title The broad range of enzyme technology use in oils and fats processing Speaker Mr. Hans Christian Holm (TBC),
Novozymes, Denmark
Time 12:30 Title Lunch Break / visit to oils+fats Trade show
Time 13:30 Title Digitalization in the edible oils industry Speaker Mr. Alexander Scholl,
Siemens Digital Factory Division, Germany
Time 14:00 Title FT-NIR solutions for a fast quality control along the production chain Speaker Mrs. Dagmar Behmer,
Bruker Optics, Germany
Time 14:30 Title Low grade oils+fats special refining for edible consumption or biodiesel production Speaker Dr. Mario Bernardini,
CMB Italy Technology, Italy
Time 15:00 Title Enhanced proteins from soya and other seeds Speaker Mr. Jon Bellenie,
CPM Europa Crown, U.K.
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