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oils+fats is an important platform for exhibitors of the oils and fats industry to present new products and developments. We asked the exhibitors of oils+fats about their highlights.

Andreotti Impianti Spa

Stand C1.317
Andreotti Impianti Spa is a first class engineering company, global recognized as one of the leaders in the design and manufacture of plants for Oilseeds crushing ans solvent extraction, edible oils and fats refining, oleochemicals (glycerine, fatty acids, biofuels). Worldwide successful for over 60 years

A special attention is given to our glycerine distillation technology, that represent the evolution of the first single column glycerine distillation. Thanks to such emprovement, new quality standards could be set on final glycerine production.

Tommaso Tori
Tel. +39 055 44870

Camelina Company España

Stand C1.222
Camelina Company España (CCE) is the pioneer and leader in sustainable camelina oil production in Europe.

Camelina oil main characteristics include high Omega 3 (35%), balanced Omega 3/ 6/9 (35%/20%/35%), high antioxidant content (including vitamin E and polyphenols) as well as excellent oxidation stability and smoke point (>231 ºC).

Since 2009, we have developed in Spain a fully integrated value chain from planting seed to oil production. CCE produces its exclusive high Omega 3 planting seed, which is then supplied to farmers to whom we provide technical support and monitor during the complete crop cycle. Our harvest, fully traceable, is then processed in order to produce high quality camelina oil.

We have cultivated over 20.000 hectares in semi-arid dryland areas, replacing fallow land: our camelina oil has been certified as fully sustainable. Additionally, we develop since 2012 our own, non GMO, Breeding program for the development of new camelina varieties in order to improve camelina oil qualities, as per our client’s requests.

We are currently producing the following products in commercial scale:

  • Crude camelina oil
  • Cold press camelina oil
  • Deodorized camelina oil
  • Refined camelina oil

Yuri Herreras
Tel. +34 609 57 36 81

Clariant SE

Stand C1.202
Clariant’s functional minerals - naturally bleached vegetable oil, shaped by one all-round solution: TONSIL®. For efficient and sustainable oil, fat and biofuel purification.

TONSIL® A new generation of bleaching power.
Your needs. Our solutions. Your profit.

  • Be prepared for the future – as are we
    Clariant is expanding its capacities, continuing to offer high-class solutions in each location
  • Change your results – streamline your process
    Improved dosage with tailor-made bleaching earth and aligned process parameters without significant process changes – for optimized total costs
  • Consistency is our specialty – make it yours as well!
    Long-term supplies of consistent bleaching earth grades make sure your bleaching process is successful.
  • The perfect match – for common filter types
    Optimized particle size distribution allows fast built-up of filter cake and long cycle times with low pressure
  • 360 º purification – for high-quality palm- and seed oil
    Efficiently minimizes undesired substances like phosphor, iron, plant pigments, 3-MCPD and glycidylester
  • Minimize 3-MCPD in palm and seed oil
    Five new members of Tonsil® product family help to minimize 3-MCPD in palm and seed oil

Bettina Striepen
Tel. +49 172 89 03 661


Stand C1.319
CMBITALY - TECHNOILOGY is an international leading engineering company specialized in the design and manufacturing of plants for Edible Oils Extraction and Refinery, Oleochemicals and Biodiesel Production.

The company is owned by BERNARDINI family active in the Fats & Oils industry since 1950.

With 12 Representative Offices throughout the world and a team of high-skilled engineers with over 30 years of experience, CMBITALY-TECHNOILOGY provides continuous commercial and technical assistance to its customers. More than 1400 industrial units have been installed all over the world under the BERNARDINI name.

The company office compound includes a highly specialized workshop of 28,000 m2 where key components are manufactured. Machineries are assembled in the complex in compliance with strict construction regulations and quality standards, such as UNI EN, ASME and AWS.

CMBITALY-TECHNOILOGY expertise suits the most stringent requirements in terms of environment protection and pollution control, automation and computerized operation, use of different raw materials and quality of finished products.

The company also supplies several services including engineering consulting, R&D, personnel training, equipment fabrication and procurement, supervision to plant installation, start up and aftersales assistance.

BERNARDINI second and third generations are now fully involved to grow further into CMBITALY – TECHNOILOGY company.


Farmet a.s.

Stand C1.318
Last year, our company completed the development of several key oil seed processing facilities, mainly the FS 4010 oil seed screw press and the extruder FE 4000. These machines reflect 25 years of experience in the industry.

Both devices are designed and manufactured using newest technology. For example, 1D and 3D modeling technologies inside the press and the extruder optimize the entire pressing process in terms of oil yield and energy performance. Advanced hardfacing technology on the soft core of the screw provides increased surface resistance while allowing the screw to be redeemed inexpensively.

Other area, to which our R & D department pays attention, is energy recovery in the pressing shop to reduce the operating costs of the whole technology. E.g we achieve significantly lower operating costs with soy extrusion pressing technology compared to extraction. In addition to our standardized management system, we offer a software superstructure to monitor the material flow and optimization of the entire operation from an economic point of view. The rapid transfer of the results of applied research and experimental development into industrial practice is considered as a key to success in our company.

Miroslav Štauda, Ing.

Körting Hannover AG

Stand C1.310
An optimum vacuum plays an essential part in the physical refinement of edible oils. Moreover, plant operators must contend with rising energy costs and stringent environmental regulations when running their production operations. Körting’s ice condensation vacuum systems are the number one choice for creating vacuums when refining or deodorizing edible oil. A high degree of plant availability, substantial energy savings, and minimal harm to the environment all ensure low running costs. Edible oil manufacturers and OEMs worldwide rely on this cutting-edge, reliable technology from Hanover in Germany.

Today these fully customizable vacuum systems set the standard for vacuum technology within the edible oil industry. Customers benefit directly from the extensive process-engineering knowledge of Körting's expert staff. The relatively low running costs in comparison with other vacuum systems, the reliability of the system, and the minimal air and waste water emissions all come together to create an ideal solution. Körting’s ice condensation vacuum systems are suitable for all applications involving the physical refinement and deodorization of all edible oils.

Kai Klein
Tel. +49 511 2129 352
Fax. +49 511 2129 50352

Mectech Process Engineers Pvt. Ltd

Stand C1.302
Mectech Process Engineers Pvt. Ltd, is a leading manufacturer of plant & Machineries, Turnkey Projects for Edible Oil Refineries, Oleo Chemicals , Filtration Technology, Projects for Value Addition & Bio Diesel. In the span of 37 years, the company has emerged as an one stop shop for the Edible Oil Segment & is credited with supply of 350 projects in 16 countries as on date. „Mectech“ has emerged as sortafter brand, not just in India, but globally because of continuous technological innovation keeping in mind the present and future needs of the edible oil industry.

Some of the Technological Inovations done by „MECTECH“ are as follows:

  • With respect to Deodorization, “Mectech” has the technology to process upto 30 % FFA & bring down the FFA to below .1%
  • With respect to Winterization plant, Mectech can provide winterization Plant with 0 Degree cloud point. It is also providing single crystallizer.
  • Advanced Technology for Recovery of Lecithin from Soya & Rice Bran Gums
  • Advanced Technology for Continuous Hydrogenation Plant
  • Advanced Technology for manufacturing Value added products from Ester.

We will be showcasing all the said innovative technologies during oils+fats 2017. For more details about our organization & projects on offer, you may please log on to our website.

Anik Roy
Tel. +91 - 9871310883
Fax +91 - 124-4700801

Siemens AG

Stand C1.216
From September 11-15, 2017, Messe München will host the Oils+Fats trade fair for the seventh time. Oils+Fats is Europe’s only specialist trade fair for industry, technology and innovations in the field of plant and animal oils and fats. This year, Siemens will be attending Oils+Fats to showcase the ways in which digitalization can make a tangible difference: for example, a system's digital twin can help with the identification of problems during commissioning and enable their rapid optimization. Also, the real-time data generated by equipment and systems is often merely visualized and stored, but with clever interpretation and analysis, this information can help with improving processes, planning maintenance, or making business decisions faster.

Katharina Zoefeld
Tel. +49 (89) 636-636802

Solex Thermal Science

Stand C1.315
Headquartered in Calgary, AB, Canada, Solex Thermal Science is the global leader in the development, design and manufacturing of high efficiency, indirect heat exchangers.

Specializing in the heating, cooling and drying of bulk solids, our technology has been applied to the processing of fertilizer, sugar, oilseeds, grains, plastics and many other bulk solid products. Using proven and proprietary thermal modeling software, each heat exchanger is custom designed to meet the unique thermal performance requirements of our customers. With over 25 years of experience, and more than 500 heat exchangers installed in 50 countries worldwide, we provide best in class service from inception to completion, with technical and sales support available globally in multiple languages.

Amanda Parkman
Tel. 1-403-254-7388
Fax 1-403-254-3501

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