Oils and Fats
Oils and Fats
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Oils and Fats
Ideally and professional support

European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids
Euro Fed Lipid comprises major European Fats and Oils societies, encompassing 2000 lipid professionals. Euro Fed Lipid promotes the science and technology of lipids on a European level, the cooperation and exchange between scientists, and organizes congresses and workshops. Euro Fed Lipid also publishes the European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology. “OILS + FATS” - International Trade Fair for the Production and Processing of Oils and Fats made from Renewable Resources” is organized by Trade Fair Munich in cooperation with Euro Fed Lipid. For details see www.eurofedlipid.org

Oils and Fats

 Media partners


Neureuter Fair Media
NEUREUTER FAIR MEDIA assists exhibitors before, during and after the oils+fats fair in the scope of the online exhibitor database, catalogue and visitor information systems. Both the staff and the multilingual Exhibitor Media Service (12 languages) provide detailed advice to all exhibitors on questions regarding the online database and the entries in the catalogue and in the visitor information system.

Oils and Fats
Partners of oils+fats
American Oil Chemists’ Society
100 years ago, nine forward-thinking scientists recognized the need for standardization of methodology and sharing new techniques, thus founding the AOCS.  Today, AOCS is a global leader in the science and technology of fats and oils.  A nonprofit scientific society serving both members and nonmembers, AOCS know how important it is that you keep informed of current research and new technologies, and exchange ideas with your peers. 
The AOCS Mission: To be a global forum to promote the exchange of ideas, information, and experience, to enhance personal excellence, and to provide high standards of quality among those with a professional interest in the science and technology of fats, oils, surfactants, and related materials. 
BulkOil.com is the world’s leading B2B trade portal for Vegetable Oils, Biodiesel and Essential Oils. The new BulkOil.com is one of the most comprehensive up-to-the-minute databases of oil manufacturers, buyers and sellers in the world. Our robust online portal makes it easy for the entire oil industry to trade oils, equipment and services. We offer unparalleled commercial assistance, complete brokering services and marketing tools together with enhanced member networking capabilities. Visit us and connect securely to the oil industry professionals.


Bundesverband Dezentraler Ölmühlen e.V
The BDOel e.V., the Federal Association of Decentralized Oil Mills represents the interests of more than 400 peripheral oilmills with a total processing capacity of more than 500,000 tons of oilseeds. The BDOe:

  • sees itself as an advisor and a stakeholder of both small and large decentralized oilmills
  • states position in the discussion with politics, economy and partner organizations
  • gets involved in the issue of opening markets, creating quality management systems and offering of further training.
Bundesverband Pflanzenöl Austria (National Vegetable Oils Association of Austria - BPA)
The BPA sees itself as an agency representing the mutual interests of the vegetable oils sector for the purpose of achieving economic success for vegetable oils in the various relevant areas of work.
By grouping the interests of its members, the BPA’s aim is to tackle any unresolved issues and find affordable solutions to them as well as to initiate appropriate activities for securing and enhancing the market opportunities for vegetable oils on a national level.
Moreover, the association carries out duties related to cooperation of an international nature, above all within the European region, aimed at promoting the further development and securing the application options of vegetable oils, whereby the relevant areas of work break down into the following sub-sectors:

  • Mobility - vegetable oils used as fuel
  • Energy - energy-related usage of vegetable oils (electrical and thermal)
  • Other uses - other utilisation options apart from fuel- and energy-related ones
C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V. - Centrales Agrar-Rohstoff-Marketing und Entwicklungs-Netzwerk
C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V. is a non-profit association with over 60 members from economy, science and administration. Since its foundation on July 6th 1992 C.A.R.M.E.N. is the Bavarian Coordinating Office for Renewable Raw Materials. Since then the association has contributed to the introduction of domestic raw materials in many products of every day life through initiating and coaching variours projects.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fettwissenschaft
The German Society for Fat Research (DGF, founded 1936) has more than 300 members, including 90 companies. Its members are organised in 10 scientific divisions. Among the tasks of DGF are the encouragement of exchange between professionals from science, technology and economy and the promotion of scientific or practical research in the field of fats and oils. DGF is publisher of technical literature, including the “German Standard Methods”). DGF is also founding member of the European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids.

Deutsche Verband Tiernahrung e. V.
The DVT (Deutscher Verband Tiernahrung e. V.) is the German association of about 280 companies manufacturing and distributing compound feed, premixtures and feed additives for productive livestock and pets. Some suppliers and warehousing companies also belong to the DVT. Our mission is to act as an intermediary between the feed business and other branches of trade as well as between the agricultural business, political and governmental representatives, science, general public and other stakeholders.

Fedepalma is the association that reunions the producers of palm oil in Colombia. As a national organization it brings together and represents the interests of the agriculture and the palm oil manufacturers. Its members influence the decision-making process of the Colombian governement regarding the palmoil- and biodiesel production.


OVID - Verband der ölsaatenverarbeitenden Industrie in Deutschland
OVID represents the interests of oilseed-processing companies in Germany. The primary purpose of our 19 member companies is to process oilseeds and vegetable oils. The resulting products are important raw materials and an integral part of our conscious, modern lives. As a trade association, we serve as an interface between our member companies and political decision-makers, the commercial and scientific sectors and other organizations.

Polskie Stowarzyszenie Producentów Oleju
Polish Association of Oil Producers

The Polish Association of Oil Producers is a sector organisation representing oilseed processing industry in Poland that brings together all the leading fat industry  players.
The Mission of our Association is to set-up conditions for improved competitiveness of the Polish oilseed sector.
The Companies associated under our organization provide in total for about 85% of all Poland’s domestic crushing capacity (1.7 Mio M tons), which further translates into:
  • 98% of total domestic oil production (ca. 700 K tons)
  • 100% of total domestic rape meal production (ca. 900 K tons),
  • 90% of total domestic rapeseed press cake production (ca. 120 K ton).
Polska Izba Nasienna
Polish Seed Trade Association

PIN is the voice of the Polish seed industry, representing the interests of those active in research, breeding, production and marketing of seeds of agricultural, horticultural and ornamental plant species.
Its membership consists of more then 90 companies standing for several of seed enterprises all over Poland, the vast majority of them being small and medium sized businesses (SMEs).
PIN’s mission is to work for effective protection of intellectual property rights relating to plants and seeds, fair and proportionate regulation of the seed industry and freedom of choice for customers (farmers, growers, industry and consumers) in supplying seeds as a result of innovative, diverse technologies and production methods.
Smart Short Courses
Smart Short Courses offers crash course programmes for marketing, technical and plant personal. Short courses offer the opportunity for those who are experienced to meet experts in the field to discuss their current problems and enhance their product innovation or plant operation. Smart Short Courses offers a wide range of topics with practical aspects: Aquaculture feed; Snack foods; Soyfoods; Functional Lipids (omega-3); Functional Beverages; Advanced Oil Processing; Industrial Oil Uses.
Technologie- und Förderzentrum (TFZ)
The Technology and Support Center in the Competence Center for Renewable Resources is directly subordinate to the Bavarian State Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry and is based in Straubing. The purpose of the Technology and Support Center is to promote the availability and use of energy sources and raw materials from harvested crops and recycled agricultural and forestry materials (renewable raw materials) through application-oriented research, technology and the transfer of know-how and through government-subsidized projects.


Union zur Förderung von Oel- und Proteinpflanzen e. V. (UFOP) 
All companies, associations and institutions participating in the production, processing and marketing of indigenous oil and protein-bearing plants are gathered under the UFOP (Union for the Promotion of Oil and Protein Plants) banner. The main fields of work are: 

  • Political lobbying 
  • Optimisation of agricultural production 
  • Development of new means of exploitation 
  • Public relations work to promote the sales